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Women's Business Success event for women Entrepreneurs!


How to take your business to the next level with Growth, Sales & Profit!

You have the power

Attention Women In Business!

Here is the truth … When women in business Succeed... ​the world WINS!​

The time is NOW for you to shine & become more successful!​

Learn to make this year your best year!

No matter what is happening in the outside world.​

This event is designed specifically towards assisting female entrepreneurs like yourself to be their very best! This event will assist you so that you can create more opportunities both personally AND professionally while also feeling confident about yourself along life’s journey no matter where those paths may lead you.​

Make sure you join us!

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It is time to reclaim your life and business, rise above your emotions and commit to your actions!​

  • No More playing small!​

  • No More procrastinating!​

  • No More Excuses!​

Give us a chance to PROVE that your success comes from you taking the RIGHT ACTION!​

It is time to share your story with the world and claim what's rightfully yours. You can do it by getting targeted ⭐️'s on focuses, gaining more confidence in yourself (and who you really are!), and making sure there are no distractions along this journey; only clarity about where you're going next!​

Table Ready For Success

The number one thing people need is accountability in their business, and yet most entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with partners or coaches who won't provide it. But what if there was a way for you to get help so that all this time spent on your next big goal will be worth it? ​Well guess what: The studies show 85% more succeed when working together! So, let's talk about why we think having some "accountability" might make sense.​

Women in business are often lying awake at night wondering: ​Will I be able to make this work? Is my drive and passion strong enough for the long haul? And then there are always those moments of self-doubt - "When will I ever get a break?" followed quickly by an answer which keeps coming back louder than before...  

You deserve all the breaks available so keep going girl ;).​

About Your Event Educator

CHERYL BISHOP is a heart-centered speaker, trainer, and author. She is the founder of Resilient Women In Business. She facilitates mastermind groups and monthly networking events in different cities.

She has been a huge support in creating momentum and growing a business Academy’s reputation and following for 10 years.

Cheryl was in the banking industry for 16 years. She also had a Skincare and Fitness business where she appeared in local media and she was also involved in the direct selling industry for 14 years. She is devoted and passionate about helping people achieve more in life and in business, empowering them to do more than they ever thought possible.

She has spoken and educated on stages like: Mompreneur Canada, Toronto Entrepreneur Conference, Froc-alicious by Design, Calgary Residential Rental Association, Canadian Mortgage Broker of B.C., Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Gratitude & Appreciation Summit, and many more.

You will often hear Cheryl say, “Your Birthright is to BE Successful!”, as she believes in you often more than you believe in yourself.

Event Educator - Cheryl Bishop